It is said that Amazonian communities living in the river beds tend to have more complex designs in their textiles, crafts, and body-paints, presumably due to cultural exchange. This shows how rivers are clearly communication channels beyond just allowing the physical transportation of people and goods.

For the Singing Rivers project I am in the process of collecting a large data set of images of Amazonic textiles, so to train a StyleGAN2 Neural Network. The first outputs are shown here.

You can click the images below to access short clips of this portion of the research: GAN generated animations of Amazonian textiles.

StyleGan2 Outputs



It is notable that, even at this early stage of the process, one can see the predominance of Shipibo Conibo designs over others (such as the Ashaninka or the Yine).

This indeed reflects a real world event: the higher production of these textiles in comparison to that of other communities.